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Clubs & Organizations

2023 - 2024 school year

Pictures of the clubs at Klenk.

Our school is rich in opportunities for student enrichment. Students may participate in various clubs and organization to explore and grow their special interests, talents, and passion.

  • Coding Club 

    • Grades - 4th - 5th

    • Description - Students will learn how to code games, videos, and websites all while having fun and gaining AWESOME skills!  No previous experience is necessary.  Klein ISD Coding club students will participate in “Klein Codes” a district event in the spring semester.

    • Time Frame -  Practices after school September - April.

  • Destination Imagination

    • Grades - 3rd - 5th

    • Description -  Destination Imagination (DI), students work together in teams to solve open-ended STEAM challenges designed to teach the creative process.  We have 3 different teams at Klenk with 3 unique challenges.  Teams audition in September and the competition is on a Saturday in March.

    • Time Frame - Meetings are after school from September - March

    • How to join - All students must audition and be chosen by a DI coach.  Parent permission is required.

  • Elementary Honor Society

    • Grades - 3rd - 5th

    • Description -  Students develop and apply their passion for service, while obtaining the skills to be confident young leaders for years to come.  NEHS membership is centered on recognizing students for their accomplishments while challenging and equipping them to develop further as leaders through service to their school and community.  NEHS members participate in chapter activities to build and improve their Leadership and Service skills.

    • Time Frame -  September - May

    • How to joinINVITATION ONLY.  Members are chosen based on Academic GPA and positive qualities of responsibility and good citizenship. Parent permission required.

  • Girls on the Run

    • Grades - 3rd - 5th  Girls

    • Time Frame - Spring Semester

  • How to join -  Applications will be passed out in January.  Parent permission is required.

  • Klenk Choir

    • Grades - 4th - 5th

    • Description - The Klenk Choir provides an ensemble experience that allows students to develop musically as individuals while contributing to the joy and artistry of singing together with their peers.  Students perform for Klenk and the community.  They will have 2 Performances and will participate in the Klein ISD Choral Festival in April.

    • Time Frame - Rehearsals are before school September - April.

    • How to join -  Applications passed out during music classes.  Parent permission required.

  • Leadership Academy

    • Grades - 3rd grade only

    • Description - District program that allows recommended students to participate in leadership group activities that will help them to be leaders at school and develop skills for success in their future.  For this program, the school counselor will partner with Klein ISD Police Officers who will facilitate group leadership lessons.

    • Time Frame - Meetings are during school hours September - May. 

    • How to join - Students MUST be nominated by a Klenk staff member and an application needs to be submitted with parent permission.

  • Legacy Leadership Team

    • Grades - 4th - 5th

    • Description -  Legacy is our school's student council. It gives students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects.

    • Time Frame - Meetings are during school hours September - May. 

  • Library Helpers

    • Grades - 3rd - 5th

    • Description -  Library Helpers help in the library.  They help pick up books from classrooms, help check-in books in the morning,  help organize bookshelves and help keep the library tidy.

    • Time Frame - Meetings are before school OR  during Recess August - May

    • How to join - Applications are given by the Librarian.  Teacher approval is required.

  • Name That Book
    • Grades - 3rd - 5th

    • Description -   Students share a book list consisting of 25 books.  Students read these books and memorize details and quotes from the books.  There is a Name That Book competition in the spring semester.  Every elementary school competes against each other to see which campus club knows the most quotes from the booklist.

    • Time Frame - Meetings are during lunch  from October - February

    • How to join - Applications are given by the Librarian.  Parent approval is required.

  • Pickleball Club
    • Grades - 2nd  - 5th

    • Description - Pickleball is a team sport that is described as a cross between tennis, ping pong, and badminton.  It requires no special skills or talents: anyone can play and feel included.  Students who aren’t good at traditional sports can feel empowered and successful on the pickleball court.  Pickleball will involve all students and challenge them to listen to instructions, follow directions, be flexible mentally as well as physically, and to work as a team.

    • Time Frame -  Practices and Games are after school October - May.

    • How to join -  Applications passed in September.  Parent permission required.

  • Safety Patrol

    • Grades - 4th - 5th

    • Description -  AAA School Safety Patrol members are school-sponsored student volunteers.  Patrol members teach other students about traffic safety on a peer-to-peer basis. They assist with the Valet Service in Drop-Off Zones, Raise and Lower the flags, Assist students getting on and off the bus, and Monitor the hallway traffic.  School Safety Patrol members also serve as models for younger children, who look up to them. 

    • Time Frame -  Needed before school OR After school  from  August - May.  

    • How to join -  Must have teacher nomination and Parent Permission